C2MT4Connector Missing Trades

Hi Matthew-
I’m having an issue with the C2MT4Connector EA missing some trades. I have it attached to only one open chart but do have the setting enabled that it is not tied only to that chart. When it works, it works very well. But recently, I find it is missing about half the trades I’m entering. That forces me to go and enter the same trades on the C2 site as limit or stop orders and hope the same prices get hit a second time to keep my MT4 account and my C2 account in-sync - not ideal. I’m running FXCM (default version from MetaQuotes) MT4 on a VPS to eliminate lag in my home Internet connection. I’m wondering if this occurs more often when I’m entering trades quickly on MT4. Is there a certain time lag I should allow between trades to allow C2MT4 Connector to catch the trades? Any other suggestion? I want to get to the point where I can trust it will always work without me having to manually check between MT4 and my trades on C2.

Please send specific details (systemid, which trades you think it missed, and date/time of those trades Eastern time zone) to help@collective2.com and Bob will take a look to see if they reached C2.