Missing signal


I’m autotrading the FX_4U system. Checking the “Recent trading signals” section I noticed that existed a new trade filled at 9/19/11 2:20 ET that has not been handled by the AutoTrade system, in other words my broker never received the signal.

Can an admin help me to find out what is going on?

Thank you

Dear German,

We had a series of operational problems this weekend. One of these problems prevented signals from being emailed in a timely way since last Friday. (AutoTrading and Instant Messenger were not affected).

Then, on late Sunday night (really, Monday early A.M. New York time), one of our AutoTrade servers crashed. We brought things back online within an hour, but during this hour, Gen1 AutoTrading software was unable to connect to C2, and some Gen3 trades were closed and re-opened.

We’re really terribly sorry about the problems this caused for you. I know you expect the site to be operational at all times, and that is indeed our goal. We’ll try to improve and make sure these kinds of things do not occur often.

Again, we’re very sorry!