Day Sniper Scalper Strategy

Hello fellows,

I am discovering this platform and will soon propose a scalping and intraday trading strategy.

The strategy is named: Day Sniper Scalper

US Equities indices and Crude oil most of the time.

I do use Momentum, Volume pressure, Stochastic confirmation alignment, Markets correlations, volume profiles and others tools to get in.

$1,932 in 3 days…


Suggest you look up Dog Zebra’s comments regarding ability to scalp @ C2. Mainly, unless you are entering and exiting via market orders, pretty difficult to successfully Scalp via the C2 platform.

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I do enter with market orders as you say.

I am very concerned by the fact that the commisions per contract seems to be very high !

$8 for a complete round turn per contract, is that right ?

There are also complexe orders types that allows to improve the efficiency.

If I understand well, C2 has make money through 3 elements:

>> Business Model

Collective2 earns on:

the monthly subscription of the trader leader chosed plan

the monthly subscription of each suscriber to the strategy (50% commission)

the commission on each contract ( $8 )

Thanks for your feedback.

Strategy not visible

This is a “test” strategy and is not visible to the public.

After the strategy recovery, will open to public, sorry inconvenience.

Umm, you have a different username then the person that started this thread (FuturesTrader6) - what’s up with that?


That’s only sarcasm to that developer. We know what’s going on to that model.

LOL, gotcha

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