Can subs really make money on C2?

I have a TOS strategy, Currently I only have one subscriber and the fills have been absolutely ABSURD ! my fill sell 2978.00 sub fill 2973.75, my target 2973.00 sub fill 72.50 ( even though market instantly shot down to 2967.50 ), had expected more positive slippage, than half point. My fill Buy @ 2984.00 sub fill 2987.00. This is absolutely ridiculous ! Overall for the day my profit 438 but system shows combined profit 144 !!! SO CAN THE SUBS REALLY MAKE MONEY ON C2 ???

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how about another question - is it even possible to get a sub?? !!

i dont know why and how your sub fill is that bad. my subs fill within cents of stocks or futures. C2 does market price with in next 2 seconds if subs uses autotrade feature. option you can get slippage due to liquidity and wide bid/ask spread.

i honest feel like your quote is off. where are you getting your quotes ? c2 ? c2 has a 20 min delay on their quotes trade screen.

The quotes are shown on the auto-trade data, where you can see the individual fills of your subs. Normally they are not too bad but my concern is why not positive slippage at the same rate ? Is there any way C2 can develop a faster execution ?