Can&t trade other instruments?

I joined a competition last year. It finished months ago but I still cannot trade any instument other than stocks. Is there a reason for this?The Trading Competition Stock Contest Q1 2005 doesn’t allow Forex trades.

Any reply?

My guess would be because it is a stock contest and not a forex contest.


- Fanus

Thanks Fanus. Do you also know why, considering the competition finished 6 months ago, the system still cannot trade forex or options or futures?

The “Trading Competitions” feature – added to the site in a great burst of enthusiasm, after I received several requests from users for just such a feature – never took off as I had hoped. That said, it is still around. The issue here is that if you start a system to enter in a competition, it is only good for the competition. Once the competition is over, you can’t re-purpose it and use it for something else.

Fair enough. I also thought it was more of a competition only,play around when I joined the competition.

However, I see that if I kill the system now it will still count on my overall rating and also be available for anyone to look at. The system is due for renewal today (which is why I have been asking about it) and has no open trades, and is $600 in the black. How negative/positive is that rating wise?