Some new features

You may notice a slightly new look on the home page. The new look houses some nifty new features.

These include:

Trading Competitions You asked for them; now you got them. Think of a Trading Competition as a Fantasy Football League for traders. You can create a private Trading Competition and then invite your friends to compete with you, or you can create a public competition and let anyone on the site join. And, yes, of course you can play for prize money. All Competitions automatically create a message board where you can trash talk to your competitors about how much better than them you are. This is a new feature, so I’m curious about your feedback. (I’m also curious to see if it works, quite honestly. Please let me know if anything behaves strangely.)

Private messages Now you can send little messages to the owners of trading systems. You can also reply to these messages. This is all done withoit revealing your email address to the person whom you contact.

Other stuff I’m fooling around with a new section on the home page which is designed to keep the site exciting. It’s a work in progress. Don’t get too worked up about it.

Please let me know what you think. I love receiving feedback. Sycophantic praise is best, but I’ll take what I can get.



So far everything I have seen in your site has overwhelmed me. You are thinking way ahead of me. I am afraid I dont have any suggestions which could be of use, right now. Today is my first day and I have already signed up. I’m kicking myself for not discovering your site earlier! So many profitable trades not revealed to the public… Oh well.

I am curious about which Business Model has been the most successful in the past. I am currently using the tried-and-tested business model: recurring billing with a free-trail period, but might change it if other models are more successful. The new competition feature is a great idea. I hope the public makes use of it. I certainly will.

rgds, Pal

Thanks, Pal.

Your question about which business model is best is a good one. I will need to study the answer, and perhaps add more open analysis where people can figure out for themselves which systems have the most subscribers (that’s a ‘secret’ right now, although it oughtn’t be).

The anecdotal evidence is that low price points sell best. Whether you sell by the trade or by the time-period is less important than the dollar amount that will appear on a charge card statement. The small price points (i.e. $50 and under) do much better than those systems that try to sell for over $200 per whatever.

More later after further analysis.