Can't See Who Is Tracking Our Systems?


Why are we not able to see who is tracking our systems from the system page unless there are analyst notes? Can you change this?


I thought Matthew had mentioned that it was going to be reimplemented in the future.

Helpful hint: I believe it is still a violation of TOS to contact those people who are just following you, if they haven’t subscribed or contacted you first.

Not at all saying that was your intent, but I was going to do exactly that at one time, until I read the rules.


No, I had no intention of doing that.

I’m just used to seeing the list from the old system and would like that not to change.

I didn’t know that he had address this issue before. Is that right?


Looks like early January it was mentioned in forums:

I would like to see it too.


Ok Kevin, Thanks for the link.