Carry Trades/Rollover at C2

How does C2 account for the rollover credit on carry trades (eg. a long GBPJPY position)? Is interest added to the account or is the cost basis lowered at rollover…?

Or the other bad possibility… no accounting for rollover at all?

Anyone know the answer to this rollover question?

I believe there’s no accounting for rollover, but I’m not 100% sure. MK has to give the final answer on this.

It seems highly unlikely that carry is accounted for since every broker’s policy is different. Best thing to do is ask the system developer if they have any strategy/expectation regarding carry. Positive Forex openly states that you should earn interest.


I suspect that is the case, which makes C2 a bit unrealistic when it comes to forex trading. Very few legitimate brokers don’t either charge or credit rollover. So, I’d be happy with C2 using the rollover that one of their brokerage clients (FXCM, etc.) uses…


What’s the scoop. Does C2 account at all for rollover on forex…?

C2 does not factor any rollover its stats (currently).