Fills on forex

Matthew! Same story with my second trade on eur/usd.What forex dealer do you use forC2 platform?I will definitely open account and start trading from this platform.Is it possible?Igor


I noticed a 2-3 pips downside gap between C2 and real life brokers.

If you trust a bus signal @ 1,1700, buy in real life @ 1,1702.

When you exit the trade, you get the 2 pips back, because you can sell at a higher price than C2.

This problem may come from quote feed manipulations by real life brokers. When price move up, they quote higher prices, when price move down, they quote slightly lower. They do so because real life spreads are sometimes larger than quoted spreads. They also have to struggle against volatility and rapid price changes, in order to avoid losing money.

Tell me the name of your broker in a private message, maybe I know if it’s an unfair broker.


We use Barclays for the EUR/USD pair. Their spreads are wider than other brokers, unfortunately. I would love to use another forex quote feed, but the problem is that most forex dealers don’t offer quote feed service, because there is nothing in it for them unless you are trading large volumes. Obviously C2 does not actually trade anything for its own account.

Let me throw this request into the ether: If anyone reading this is affiliated with a forex dealer/broker - I would be interested in discussing a business arrangement with you where C2 uses your quotes for its hypothetical fill engine, in return marketing/sponsorship on the C2 site. Contact me privately at

I was looking around for accurate quote data for a website application like C2 in the last couple of weeks. I’m not sure if this helps, but Gain Capital via offer live data and API access for free if you ‘intend’ to open an account there once you sort out your system.

In my travels around message board forums I noticed several people mention the data was as high quality and matched up perfectly with FXCM client quotes in testing.

They seem to advertise all over the internet… and if I was them, I’d jump to sponsor you too :smiley: