I’ve noticed at times that forums that have been less than favorable about a system may have been deleted. Is there some sort of censorship going on here? Say it ain’t so.

I thought I had succesfully placed an unfavorable review on a system but now it is not there and I don’t seem to be able to post a review. Surely this is some mistake?

If I’m wrong about any of this I apologize but I’ve always thought C2 was a great forum to have systems that are openly tracked and criticized freely, no?

Occasionally Matthew removes posts if he thinks they might attract unwelcomed attention from regulatory agencies - it has happened to me.

Hi, John:

I encourage people to write reviews of systems. C2’s intent has always been: that you can write one review of each system that you have subscribed to. Once you write a review, you can’t write another one of the same system.

On the other hand, we also allow people to remove reviews that they have written. The idea here is if a subscriber has buyer’s remorse (writes a good review, but then subsequently decides the system actually stinks) or if a subscriber feels guilty for writing a mean review of a system, then the reviewer can change his mind and retract his review.

It appears that you may have inadvertently taken advantage of a bug (or perhaps discovered a “loophole”) in these two conflicting policies. That is, you wrote a review, then deleted it, then wrote another review for the same system, then deleted it, then wrote yet another review of the same system again, then deleted it. This apparently happened at least three times (not sure, to be honest; one of the effects of this bug is that we didn’t keep an audit trail of this activity).

The effect of your delete-then-write-again-then-delete-again cycle was to consistently keep your review at the top of the review list, which was never the intent of the software design.

I fixed the bug and removed the review that you posted multiple times.

Going forward, things should work correctly: Subscribers are encouraged to write reviews of systems (either positive or negative) but once they post their review, that’s the final review on the system they can write. Alternately, they can remove their review if they change their mind.

This seems pretty fair to me, and I hope people will continue to post their system reviews on the site – both good reviews and bad. For all the bells and whistles C2 offers, I think that the honest and thoughtful reviews written by real subscribers to trading systems are probably the most useful feature C2 provides. Please don’t stop writing them.

- Matthew

Well I don’t think I said anything offensive and certainly not untrue, IMO.

I read the terms and I see where these can be removed but its not like I got any notice or anything.

thank you for the response. I was not aware and had not seen anything in the terms of use that I couldn’t remove and write another. I might have missed it though. My intent was not to keep my review at the top.

I didn’t mean to suggest you were doing anything malicious or against C2 policy. But you did uncover a bug, and so I needed to fix it. Thanks for your understanding.