Do any systems use CFD’s as recomendations?

Terry Loveday

Adelaide Australia

Dear Terence,

I actually only trade CFDs (at CMC Markets). My trading system for Indices and Forex is programmed in their MarketMaker trading platform.

When I place a futures trade at C2 I do so based on the very strong correlation between indices (which are those traced at CMC markets) and their futures. USA traders have no chance of trading CFDs.

This one of the reasons why I have no problems with trading S&P500 and R2000 out of regular trading hours (as I mention in the system description).

Unfortunately, my system Taurus has been far from being profitable until now due to a couple of singular very bad trades. However, I hope its long term profitability will be shown with time.


José M. Fraile

Thank you

I also trade on the CMC platform as I find CFD’s offer great leverage.

Terry Loveday

How did you manage to program marketmaker?


CMC Markets’ MarketMaker platform (I do not know whether you might mean another software programm with the same name) allows you to program your own indicators (I created my own one) and backtesting systems (running in real-time it becomes a trading system with backtesting results attached to it). It also has its own programming language.



Hi Jose,

I also trade with CMC via Marketmarker. I’m aware of the backtesting tool etc but is it possible to generate automated trades via Marketmarker?



Hi Max,

now I understand what you mean. No, automated trades can not be generated. The orders have to be executed manually. That is a big, big, disadvantage.

I do not know any CFD broker/market maker (CFD brokers are always market makers by definition) that allows for automated order entries. I also know GCI Financial and they do not allow them either.

However, due to the advantages regarding margin requirements, I prefer trading CFDs even if I have to enter the trades manually.


Jose M. Fraile allow automated trading.