C2 futures systems and IB

I have noticed that many of the futures orders for many systems are not being executed by IB. I cannot figure this out. I thought maybe it was TB as it returns “invalid symbol”.

I’m trying the GEN2 autotrading and the orders are still not going through.

Anybody else having this problem?

Since you are using a C2-compatible autotrading program that runs on your computer - but not a program provided by C2 - the best thing to do is to contact the software developer who wrote your program for support.

Thank You .

The autosync GEN2 technology between IB and C2 does not allow the orders to go through either. Is the issue with C2 or IB?

Everything worked fine up until a couple days ago. For example Gold futures are ok but not crude oil.

Marc - You really need to contact the software developer whose product you are using. I’m not the best-qualified person to help, since you are not using a C2 autotrade service. If you are using Tradebullet, try support@tradebullet.com


I am now using the Autotrade service here at C2.

None of the C2 futures orders are going through at IB.

Anybody else having this issue?


Mark - I just re-checked your account and see you are still using Tradebullet. If you think I am wrong, send me an email telling me which system you are talking about, which user login, and which Gen3 broker you think you are using.

Otherwise, you need to contact TradeBullet for support of their product.

Perhaps we’re misunderstanding each other. If so, then I apologize, but I simply do not see that you are using C2’s own AutoTrading technology.

Thanks, Matthew.

I was going back and forth between C2 Autotrade and Tradebullet.

Please check my account again now.

It’s currently configured for C2 Autotrade.

Orders for trading futures are still not going through to IB.

Thanks for your help.


Marc - Is your IB account enabled for futures?

Marc - Ah, I see your account is not enabled at the broker. Have you signed your C2 ATS letter of direction? I’ll have Melissa get in touch with you directly and she’ll help you get started.


I have not signed a C2 ATS letter of direction.

That would be fantastic.

I look forward to her reaching out to me soon.

Thanks again.


Hi Matthew

I have the same problem. I checked the autotrading setup again with IB and there is definitely no “letter of direction” download or similar. Also I don’t see any hint saying such thing would be necessary. Thus, I expect everybody trying to setup autotrading has that problem.