MK - C2 autotrade question


QUESTION I am interested in a couple of forex systems, but I have a futures broker account only (and prefer it that way). Does the C2 gen 2 autotrade allow us to setup different instruments? For example, when Swiss Franc/USD pair comes through, trading the Swiss Franc futures from an american futures account tracks this closely. Or swiss franc/canadian dollar forex trade could be tracked by spreading those futures???

OBSERVATION TO OTHERS: Commodites have far more protections than forex trading, starting with the backing of the clearing firm, NFA/CFTC, segregated funds (that is why Refco futures customers mostly got their money back, but forex and other accounts suffered huge losses through the bankruptcy).

by the way, did the autotrade forum disappear?


Currently that feature – the ability to map a symbol traded by a C2 system, and AutoTrade it using another instrument class in a real broker account – is not available. Perhaps in Generation 3 AutoTrading?

The AutoTrading forum – of which 99% was devoted to TradeBullet issues – has been renamed the TradeBullet Forum. It’s still here, and still alive. Non-TradeBullet questions can be posted here.

thanks for the updates. You are responsive and open, as always.

One recommendation: you might want to write a page on the functionality of gen 2. I have looked around, and cannot tell what it really does and does not do (like my question above)…