Change language


i don’t know why the language of my account have changed,

you’ve put it in dutch and i would like to reput it in english ( or in french, yet better :slight_smile: )



same probem here


Hi, Guys:

If you are coming to the site from Belgium or Netherlands, you will automatically see the site in the Dutch language. If you prefer the English language, then just click on the American flag in the upper-left corner of the front page of the C2 site, and you will view the site in English.

This is a new feature, so if it is not working correctly, I’d like to know about it.

Currently, C2 supports English, Dutch, and Russian, with more languages coming soon.


to see these flags and this mainpage we have to disconnect us ,

so as soon as we’re connected it’s in dutch,

hope you’ll solve that little problem quickly :wink:

(because in belgium,just the half of population talks dutch , and most of french speakers can’t understand a word of vlaams :stuck_out_tongue: )



Thomas -

Perhaps I don’t understand the problem. You write "to see these flags and this main page we have to disconnect us."

What does this mean?

Maybe I can understand the issue better by first tell you how the site is supposed to work, and then you can tell me why it is bad.

Here is how it is supposed to work:

1) You type

2) You are from Belgium, so you automatically see the site in the Dutch language.

3) However, you prefer English (because French is not available yet; this will change soon).

4) You therefore click the American flag.

4) For the rest of the time you are on C2, you see English, until you close your browser.

I’d like to try to understand why this is not a good solution. Are you saying that the fact that we require you to click the English/American flag icon each time you come to C2 is annoying? Or are you saying something else is wrong? Once I understand the exact problem, I’ll try my best to solve it.

Thanks for helping me improve the site.


i’m saying we must disconnect us to have the possibility to see home page and the flags,

because if i’m trying to go to the homepage , it’s directly redirected to

so we can’t see the homepage being logged :frowning:

Hi, Thomas -

I’ve changed the behavior so that now your language preference will be remembered each time you come to the site. So if you select English, C2 will remain in English each time you subsequently visit.

txs matthew, that’s perfect now !