Change my system name has any effect?

I want to be sure if i changed my system name.

does this has any thing to do with people who view my system.

i found that there is another system with my same name but with strating capital letters my system is "income generator" the other one is "Income Generator"

so i decided to change my system name to not overlap with the other one to make it easy for viewers to track my system without confusing them with the other one in name, some people would get my system from the grid so i do not want any overlaping issues with another system,

if now i changed the name would it be easy for viewers to know that this was the previous one, i mean the "income generator system" that has the name changed?

i will not change the name untill i get some answers from experts here

thnx so much for any hints


If you change the name, there will be a note "this system hname has changed 1 time" on the main page. It will also show up in search results as "Income Generator System (Formerly Income Generator)" or something like that.

thnx so much for your help,

OK then i will change the system name,

people are so kind here,