Changing Subscription Terms


I am considering selling my trading signals on C2 and would like some feedback on how versatile the site is. Is it easy to change my prices? My business model?


Michael Zweighaft

When you create a system, you can edit it under the section called “Business Model” where are there are 3 models available:

1) Free trial period, then a recurring fee

You will charge the subscriber each Month Quarter

Fee you charge beginning of each period$

But first allow a free trial period of days

2) Charge only for profitable periods

Performance is measured each Week Month Quarter

At end of each period, you charge if profitable $

3) Charge per profitable trade $

Hope this helps.

I meant after the system has been created and after it has subscribers. At that point, can I change the prices and/or business model?

Sorry for the confusion.

Michael Zweighaft


Yes, you can change settings after you set a system up. C2 is very flexible in that regard.

Good Trading,