Two Trades a Year?

I am considering starting a strategy that only requires a trade every six months or so. Will the C2 System allow me to pay the publishing fee, make a trade, not pay for 5 months, pay again, then make a new trade. Wash rinse repeat? I want to make sure that my record won’t just start over each time. This should help me keep costs low which I want to do since I kinda doubt I will find a huge market of subs for a strategy that requires this much patience. If I actually do get a sub and cover the publishing fee I would then just keep paying every month to be available to new and current subs.

Hi, Faceless,

C2’s business model is that we charge a monthly fee to run and maintain a strategy on the platform. (You can purchase an annual plan, which reduces the per-month cost, but it’s the same idea.)

So, no, there’s not really a pricing option designed specifically for strategies that only trade once or twice a year.

That said, of course we still welcome you to C2, and invite you to manage your strategy and maintain its track record on the platform. But such a strategy would still be asked for standard monthly fees.


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Thanks. So if I don’t pay one month my strategy will go away, and I can’t get it back up and running without starting a whole new track record. That is good to know.