Charge per profitable search not working?

On the basic search, when you click on the “Charge if Profitable” search, I have two systems, CTS Treasury Trader and CTS CLC System which should show up based on the criteria, but they don’t. Looking the at the short list of systems which do show up, I think there are probably plenty of others which doesn’t show up either.

Can you please look at this?

In general, the search options doesn’t seem to be working too well. Can you please review the searches? In my opinion this is one of the areas of the site which really should work. With the different sort criteria and subsearches not really working, the only criteria users can really go on is total return which is not really a fair search.


- Fanus

I am rewriting all the search-related code right now, as we speak. This may be the reason that the searches are not working properly.

Sit tight for a while – I will probably be working on this all day and into the night. Until I make an announcement that the new code is up, please be patient for a little while longer.

Sorry for the trouble