When will my system appear in "Search"?


I have been running my system successfully for more than 3 months now.

Each month has been profitable so far.

When will my system be available in the Search function?

Thank you,



What "search function" are you referring to?

Hello Matthew,

I mean the system finder page. Find - System Finder

Where I can choose:

System that Trade: Stocks

Trade frequency: Any

Show only: Offers free trial subscription

or even if I don’t apply any filters it will not list my system in there. I believe this page is the “main” search page on the website, so should also list my system in the results… But it will not.


The Finder is not meant to show all systems. A computer algorithm selects the ones we think are best to show. Systems with longer track records are considered "better to show." The Grid is the main search place for systems that meet minimum requirements (i.e. X closed trades, etc.)

Ok, understand.

So how many trades should I make, or what are the requirements for my system to appear in Grid then? It’s not in there neither.

I have checked the FAQ page and I don’t see the # of trades required for my system to become visible to the general public.

Please point where can I read the requirements?

For now is just impossible for people to see my system’s page. It is not in the system finder, it is not in the Grid.


You must have 7 closed trades to appear in the Grid.

Oh ok. Thanks!