C2 search system potential bug or UIE

info for the C2 development / support team:

when i click on "system finder"

select "very conservative" for number 1

check off the box "Futures" for number 2

check off the box "profitable" for number 3

the c2 web site displays:

"Showing 7 out of 22 that meet criteria"

and in fact 7 systems are listed. but then clicking on the "show more" nothing happens. MSIE v7.0.5730.11 is browser version if it matters.

Mathew … I am baffled at how difficult it is to get my system to be viewed by your "system finder" function. It does not show up at all as indicated by the previous search criteria.

The only way i can get it to be viewed it by changing from "very conservative" to "most popular on collectve2" and even then, I have to "hide" numerous systems to finally have the opportunity to view "trending futues" way down on the page somewhere.

Quite simply, who is going to go to all the trouble?

Care to share the logic on any of these search routines? Not sure what it is the code is doing behind the scenes, but a more random routine to display the paying vendors or at a minimal allow the vendors that are working hard to produce a good system for their clients to at least be found in the C2 web be those that would search for it.

I support this view. I’ve had similar feedback from friends who had been told to go and have a look at my trading system, but were unable to find it. I realise there are direct links I could give them, but is easier and more credible to just tell them to search on Collective2.com.


If you told your friends to type a partial name of your system into the “Search” box, that might be easiest.

There are many cases why systems don’t appear in some searches. For example, new systems might not have enough data to calculate a Sharpe ratio, which is required to appear in the system finder or grid, for example. (You need 90 days of data for this.)