Chart and stats suggestion

I have a few suggestions for the charts and stats that appear on every system’s page.

- Selecting any time period and being able to see the chart and stats for that particular period. I mentioned this in the Beta site thread. Many systems had a relatively brief period of spectacular performance and then plateaued, and their since-inception stats are not realistic anymore.

- For systems that have real-life autotrade data available, I would like to see the chart and stats based on an average of the prices that the autotraders got, instead of the hypothetical. Maybe draw the chart line in one color when it’s based on hypothetical data (the beginning, for example), and another color for real-life autotrades. Likewise, identify when the stats are based on 100% hypothetical data, 100% real-life fills (when zooming), or a mix of both.

- Keep the new Beta charts that include system cost and customizable commisions, and add the possibility of including this information in the stats too.

So eventually, we would be able to see a chart and statistics based on an average of real-life fills (as available), with system cost and our own broker’s commissions included. Can’t get better than that.