Chart Suggestion

One thing I liked about the old chart is that I could see how much the commissions and fees were affecting the performance, since there was a line that showed how the system would have performed w/o commissions and fees. This way I could estimate the net return for the actual account size I plan to trade instead of the simulated account size. I would do this by multiplying the no-commission line by the factor needed to match the amount I planned to trade, then adding in the difference between the commission line and the no-commission line. I realize that this is not perfect, but it is a reasonable estimate to start.

Here is another idea that may be too difficult or computationally expensive to implement: allow the user to enter in their account size (perhaps as part of their user profile?) and the equity charts would all start with that account size and calculate the commissions and fees based on that.


I agree with Gary. I’d like to have the option to view the systems without System Fees and Commissions. This way its easier for me to subtract out the commissions I really do pay when tracking a system. Should be easy to add one more item to the pull down menu that says. “With No System Fees or Commissions included”
Also would be nice to include back the views counter to see how much interest a system is getting over time.