The stats

Now that the commish is included in the charts, do the stats reflect that also?

Some stats do change when you change the commissions applied to the chart. Specifically, the monthly return numbers, at the top of the system page, change dynamically as you click on different commissions plans.

The other statistics do not yet change with commissions, but we hope to add that in the future.

This upgrade would be very helpful. The stats now do not show what is actually possible.


Once you start charging the $99 per month auto trading fee for stock systems comes January 1, how will you allocate this fee to the individual trades for each stock system?


Hi, Karl -

The fee is a software license fee for Gen3 AutoTrading technology. It is a flat monthly fee that does not vary depending on the number of systems you trade or the size of your trades. It is charged on a per-customer basis. Thus it is not allocated to trades.