Use Reality Factor on ALL Graphs

Sure, some of the systems look great, until you see that 40% of the profit is handed over to your broker in commissions, or chewed up in high $/month subscription fees.

All graphs must show the timeframe in mo/day/yr (not just mo/day) and all graphs must show the reality factor after commissions.

Some of the graphs look awesome, since they have 2 week runtimes, versus ones with 2 solid year histories.

This is not an unrealistic request, since for example, mutual funds are required to show the effect of management fees on the funds. So too, you should build in the trade commissions and the cost/mo for the signalling.


I agree that this would be an awesome improvement. It would be tricky to implement and if done correctly, would need custom variables set by the customer. Returns after commissions are dependent on 1) initial capital investment and 2) commission rates. Every one of us uses different capital and different brokerages with different rates. I would want to enter my own settings and be able to compare systems on a post-commission basis. The current comparison system is not useful for filtering systems b/c it assumes $0 commissions, which my broker does not offer.