Clarifying Autotrade Scaling


@MatthewKlein Sorry for asking so many questions about the scaling but It’s hard to find detailed information and I searched in the forum and couldn’t find information and didn’t want to risk my capital.

If I choose the “Max Trade Size” for example up to 10,000USD. is that mean that the total amount ( value ) of each trade of stocks or total Stocks positions will not exceed 10,000USD? or it that only from the Marging requirement ( Assume the margin is 1:2).
and what happened for example in a situation that I put a 10,000USD cap limit and the strategy leader bought 30,000 ( let’s say he bought 3000 stocks ) my account will buy only 1000 correct?
what will happen if he closes 30% of his position, will it close 30% of my position as well? how does the open/close position affect the “Max Trade size” function?

Also, if I choose the “max trade size” the % scaling feature doesn’t affect anymore correct?

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Does anyone know this subject?


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Yes if you choose 10000 max size that would be for each stock . If he closes 30% you will close 30% thats correct .

What’s the Autotrade scale % you chose ?


No what I meant it this:
let’s say there is a 100,000$ strategy and I have 50,000$ so I do 50% scaling meaning each trade that the strategy leader will do I will do half.

Let’s now say I Put the “MAX TRADE SIZE” for 10,000USD my questions is:
What happens if the strategy leader buy now ZM stock for 50,000USD and AMZN stock for 50,000USD/
Will my account only buy 10,000$ USD of ZM and 10,000% of AMZN?
Or the TOTAL positions in stocks will be maxed 10,000$

Follow up question is the “MAX TRADE SIZE” is the margin requirement or the total value of the trade?

The last thing, when I change the “trade Management” from “Default” to customize it( the max trade) the scaling option is no longer relevant correct? or it will just overwrite the option I choose to modify?

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It would be a 10000$ for each stock , 10000$ for amzn and 10000$ for zm .

10000 limit is for the trade value not for margin req .

If you choose a 10000$ limit and 50% scaling , the scaling is still valid , for example if he buys 10000$ of stock you will buy 5000$ . But if he buys $50000 you will just buy $10000 because thats your limit .

Great Thank you that’s clear now!
Just a suggestion this info will be helpful in the scaling feature, because some things are not 100% clear.

Hello, another question that I encounter.

What happens for example if I’m in a position let’s say the strategy leader bought 100 shares off AAPL

Then I decide I want to double this position ( or reduce in the future ), and I’m doing it through C2( not through my broker account ) does C2 know to adjust the orders? meaning if the strategy leader closes 50% of the position (50 shares ) it will close 50% (100 shares) for me as well or I’ll need manually to close/manage the position that I added/reduced.

how is the position affected when I make changes through C2 if any.

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Hello, Any update regarding this subject?

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Hello, can someone help regarding this subject?

trying to understand what impact closing position from C2 can have.

Yes, assuming you use Collective2’s “Position Management” screen to close a position, then C2 knows that you have closed some portion (or all) of your position. Any subsequent closing transactions issued by the strategy will be handled correctly by C2 AutoTrading.

Thank you that helps a lot because sometimes I want to manage the position and didn’t know about it