Scaling %/Max trade size : wich criteria prevail?

Hello everyone, I m new to C2 and was wondering wich criterion prevail between % scaling and trade size to
determine the amount to be invested in final.

Is there a rule ?

I guess that if, at the same time, I set up % scaling to 100% and max trade size to 5000, only 5000 will be invested in final unless the position resulting from the % scaling is < to 5000.

Practicaly, if I trade Trading Volatility 1 with only 5000 USD in my IB accound, my only possibility is to set max trade size to 5000 and let the % at 100% ? right ?

I hope it s clear as I speack english like a french cow.

Thanks for your help.


Stephane -

The quick summary of how it works is this:

  1. First scaling percentage is applied.
  2. Then max trade size is applied on a per trade and per-position

So to answer your specific question: Yes, if you trade at 100% Scaling, but set a max of $5,000 per position, then an order to open a position will cap the position size at $5,000 (give or take; there’s rounding to even lot sizes, etc).

But - just an aside - it doesn’t seem a good idea to set your max trade size to the value of your account. That implies that you are risking your entire account on one trade. It also doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room for rounding, drawdowns, etc.

I suggest people start at very small trade sizes - much smaller than they intend to ultimately use - until they get comfortable with the way the technology works.


Thanks for this answer,

I understand that C2 send just on order equal to min (Scaling%, Max trade size) and not two orders sequentially (one equal to Scaling%, the other equal to Max trade size).

Hope I m right.

Have a nice we.