Classic page view gone?

Please confirm this is bug and not design decision.

I agree. Please admit that the new design layout is an attempt at a late April Fool’s Joke.

Please return the option to see classic page view.

How do you even email the system designer, or download a cvs file?

Do you always have to go back through the dashboard to get to another of your systems’ page?

Huck: All your systems are available at all times in the MY SYSTEMS top menu bar.

Agree, the new page is the less unseful that i see in my life, you cant work fine to administrate the systems with the info of that page.
And the most important the csv to analize risk.

Alice: This is a design decision.

I will add CSV downloads and contact system developer links shortly.

And date of Max DD please, to know how many time got to recover of it. thanks