How do I get the old dashboard back?!

Sorry but I don’t like the new one at all. The other one was fine - why mess with it?

Sorry, John. It was very old code that we could no longer support. I hope you will learn to love the new dashboard, much as my wife has slowly learned to love me, over many many years of trying.

If you have specific suggestions for ways we can make the new dashboard better, please email them to

Please continue to support the “classic” system pages, Matthew.
w/o “watch list” the new view doesn’t compare. congrats on removing the 12 pages of statistics in new view…good choice!
may i add that it is more intuitive when commenting to your reply that the input box is placed below that reply, and not below the original post :wink:

yeah i know you are revamping forums…another good choice

The new system page does have a Watch List. Your Watch List follows you to everywhere on the site. It is in the MY SYSTEMS drop-down menu. Is this what you are asking about?

yeah, good idea.

I agree with Jay Tea’s suggestion that classic view for systems should continue to get supported.

Matthew, regarding the My Systems drop down, its OK, but because the graphs are included with the Classic Watchlist, that is preferred. it saves me time keeping an eye on systems i am not subscribed to.

if i may something else about the menus…

info for developers and info for traders need different drop downs, and made clear that one is for dev and the other traders. right now “information” tab is has mostly but not all dev info, and a trader looking for information will not understand all the dev talk. if you are short for menu space, remove My Systems (!) and put it on the new view as classic has it. …just my 2 bits

OK I will continue, after navigating around a bit more…there is so much info for devs than traders here! Hey i’m a bit of a nerd, too, but if you are revamping the site to make it look better, its not for devs, is it? You might even try a few youtubes for the traders. One more thing…the scaling…put the scaling widget somewhere that can be played with without having to subscribe. There are too many systems with huge accounts and too many traders with small accounts. And scaling is still a mystery to me, i found a workaround to what i believe is some pretty weird behavior .

i like this site Mathew. i am also a professional tester having worked for apple cupertino and at nyse testing market gateways, and see things here that i do/would have issues with. Credits to you for setting up a great foundation doing the technical backend (the dev bit). the business model is about subscriptions though, and page reformatting won’t help with that as much as handholding with clear examples of how trading is meant to be done. i must say that with the problems recently encountered my fear is that i am the only pro tester on this site! i don’t know if my creds change your opinion of what i am trying to tell you, but they maybe might :wink: hey that rhymes! (i had to add the “maybe” to improve the meter)