The New System Page Layout

To C2 Staff –

How do we use the Portfolio Maker for System Comparisons Now, since the search box has been removed from the system page?

Will the only way now be to load up the left margin watchlist first. Then drag a chart from there over to the system page graph or can you put the search box back?


The new simplified system page is shown only to unregistered users. It is designed to be easier to understand for new users.

To gain access to all features, including PortfolioMaker, just log in to your account.

Oh Ok. I can see where you went with this now. So, viewers can’t see certain information now unless they get a C2 account.

I think I like this change. Good idea.



This seems to no longer be the case.

The New Simplified System Page Now Comes Up, Regardless of LogIn.


We still have a problem here. I can only see the New System Page even though I’m logged in.


I can’t seem to replicate this problem. There are three things you can do to help me diagnose why you see only the “simple” system page, even though you are logged in as a registered user.

1) Please shut down your browser application. Don’t merely close the browser window. You must turn off browser by using the browser’s QUIT option, and then restart your Web browser (no need to restart entire computer – just the browser application). After restarting your browser, please run test again. That is: first go to system page as a unregistered user. You should see “simple” page. Now log in and go to system page as logged-in user. Do you still see “simple” page, or do you see more (for example, “Recommendations” on right column, etc.)

2) Please tell me what subdomain you see in your web address of the browser. For example, are you looking at (the www would be the subdomain, in that case), or are you looking at another subdomain?

3) When you are logged in, it says on the top of the screen, “Welcome, John Doe” where John Doe is a name. Please report to me what name it calls you when you are logged in and see the “simple” system page.

Your answers will help me figure out the problem. Thanks for your help.


I’ve tried everything including clearing all browser history and browser cache, quitting the browser as you suggested, turning off and rebooting the computer etc. I did this for firefox 3.6 and IE8 on my desktop and firefox 3.5.8 and IE8 on my laptop and I still get the same simple system page in every instance.

The problem has to be on your end. It worked fine when we discussed this earlier this afternoon. But, when I tried it again this evening, I could only get the simple system page whether I logged in or not.

I used and


Whoops. Try now.

Yes. Works Now.

I see just one other problem now on the Home page for someone who is not registered – the dashboard link is missing at the top between "Home" and "Find a System". Currently, in order to get to the dashboard as an unregistered user, one has to scroll to the bottom of the home page to click the dashboard link.


That is a purposeful design decision. We are currently not highlighting the Dashboard to unregistered users. (It is still available to the intrepid unregistered user, though.) We think it is a bit daunting and should be used only after registration and/or subscription.