Collective 2 Ratings

I was checking through the collective2 ratings for different systems. There are many systems which have not traded even a single trade and have ratings as high as 795. This are misleading ratings. It si mentioned that ratings above 500 are good & 700 are excellent. It should be based on the consistency of the system. It should be with regular trades. Maybe start reducing some points whenever the system has no standing trades for more than a week. I think ratings should be based on W:L & Sharpe ratios. Just based on a high portfolio value is not suitable. Some systems have high winning trades percentage but low W:L and some are with very low Winnning Trade percentage but with high W:L. And as Sharpe represents the consistency of the system it should be included while giving out ratings. Its is possible that a system may have 10 losing trades & 1 trade which doubles the amount, then again is with a losing streak. A subscriber would be endlessly waiting to get a ever elusive winning trade. Its not ideal to have high ratings for a system which move like a Roller Coaster ride sometimes highly profitable sometimes deep in the Red. Moderator/Owner please see into this.