Something wrong with C2 score?

My system is more than 2 months old, with more than 100% return, not much drawdown, why does it only get a score of 400? Many other system with negative return get a score higher than 900. It really does not make sense to me.

C2 finds your name repulsive. Try changing it to John Adams and see what happens.


Many folks here have mentioned that the score is NOT a system score but a vendor score.

I’m not the authority on the C2 score, but from what I can tell, your score is low because you only have 2 months of historical performace for all your systems combined. I hope that helps to make some sense.

P.S. IMHO, 14% draw in 2 months is high.

Your system drawdown is much lower than me, but your return is also much lower than me. LOL. My two month return is more than 100% while your 8 months return is less than 25%. Higher risk higher return, no risk no return. If people do not want to take risk, just buy a fixed term CD.


I wasn’t trying to compare my system with yours, only trying to answer your question about the C2 score.

However, to respond to your comment…

There is a difference in between high returns with controlled risk and high returns with luck. One way to determine the difference is to look at the consistancy of your month to month profits and trade to trade profits.

Good luck with your system, I sincerly hope you are still here in 6-8 months.

I have more than 10 years trading experience. I am sure I will be here after 6-8 months if I am still interested in playing simulation here.

Expecting 100% returns over 2 months to continue without a great crash sooner or later is living in cloud cuckoo land. If your system really can do that then over just 2 years you’d have turned $1,000 into $4million and wouldn’t be here in the first place.

You are right. That’s why we call it simulation. In reality, with account growing, it is hard to get in/out positions. But anyway, subscribers can still make good money out of it. I do not expect 100% return within 2 months in reality. Even 50% is so good.