collective2 return calculations

I am new to collective2 and am wondering about the way they are calculating returns. I have 2 signals that are listed. Rydex 500 and Rydex QQQQ. On the Rydex QQQQ signal collective2 has me up 18% when it in reality should be 13%. With my Rydex 500 signal collective2 has me at .7% when it should be 4.4%. With the Rydex QQQQ signal I wrote Mathew when I saw a mistake that had been made and it was never corrected. Since both of my calculations are off by a good percent on collective2 it has me wondering about the other charts I am looking at on collective2. Are there any other vendors that have the same experience? Thank You Richard Haines

Rydex QQQQ should be up 16.9% not 13 and not 18. Richard Haines

Please email to me the exact detailed calculations you are using to figure that the system should be up 16.9%. I will then compare it to the C2 calculations to see where we differ. I suspect the discrepency is that the system has an open position and we are simply marking to market differently. We’ll see. Use: matthew at

Thank you Mathew. I will send both spread sheets because the Rydex 500 may be off also. Rick Haines