22% to 9081.....% Returns depending on commissions

There’s a couple questions I have that will determine if collective2 is for me or not, maybe someone would be kind enough to help me.

  1. How long does my trading need to be active before it becomes visible on the top results for potential subscribers?

  2. Do potential subscribers see the overall earnings without fees or with fees? If it’s with fees what fee schedule?


Following US regulatory guidance, we do include fees and commissions in results.

You can see the exact commissions that are included by either:

  1. Clicking the question mark near the commission selector:


  1. Clicking on the right-most P/L column in the trading results.

To be on leading strategy list you need a high c2 score. I have seen some got on top of the list after 3 month, some 6 months. C2 score is a developer scoring not individual strategy score. So if u have a great system, but 2 bad system it will drag your score down. Since we don’t know how c2 score is calculated, I’m sure performance is a big part of it. Keep doing well, you will be on the list in no time.

Performance is calculated after commission and subscription fees. I think it’s based on a set $ per trade on default broker. Subscriber can also change the estimate base on a drop down changing the broker dealer. Sub fee is also calculated, so you don’t want to start a $5000 strategy charging $500 monthly fee.

Good luck!

Are you sure? I believe I’ve seen different C2 scores, for different strategies, from the same developer.

You prob right. I must been reading old forum posts. I remember reading on the forum c2 score can prevent people making bad strategy then delete over and over. And keep starting new one until they hit a home run on the first trade.

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