Collective2 Subscription/Remittance

Hello Matthew,

I have sent 4 emails over the past 6 days to C2 (you and the help account) and thus far have received no feedback other than the automatic “Case open” message. I would very much appreciate if you could address and answer my 3 subscription related questions.

1) I changed my system Optimum Systems (38593037) to start changing a small subscription fee ( a number of weeks ago). I know there is a transition period for existing subscribers but I still do not see any billing information (like next charge amount) when I look in the subscriber management section.

Could you explain why there are no pending charges for my subscribers?

2) In my system “OS Long Only 2 (53750649)” I had some subscribers on a special billing and I could see how many more billing periods were left in that special/custom billing. I just raised the subscription fee for my system and now all the special billing information is NOT showing in the subscriber management area. I don’t know how much each subscriber is paying and I don’t know how long the amount is being paid.

3) I just received a message from a potential subscriber that C2 is NOT letting him subscribe to my system “OS Long Only 2”.

Thank you in advance for your assistance

Looking into this right now.

Thank you Matthew,

If you would like to take this discussion off line, please feel free to email me privately.

  1. Took care of issue #1 for you.

    2) When you change your subscription plan, subscribers are given 7 days notice. Then when the new subscription “goes effective” all previous pricing - including any customized pricing you previously set up for individual subscribers - is tossed out. In hindsight, I see this isn’t the greatest software design in the world, and for that I apologize. But what it means is that you’ll need to set up new customized subscription terms on a per-subscriber basis for your current subs (if you want to, that it.)

    3) Regarding issue #3: Please provide details to me (or ask subscriber to do so). Why is the site “not letting him subscribe?” What kind of error message is being displayed?


1) Thank you

2) As I tried to indicate in my first post, the “Create custom billing” is not currently available (not visable) to me in the subscriber section. It was available until I started changing a fee, then it disappeared along with the original customized billing information. At this point I am not allowed to enter or reestablish any customized billings for current customers.

I’m surprised that the customized pricing is tossed out. C2: “(Any custom billing you set up below will override any price increases you subsequently impose on the system in general, and the custom pricing below will last until you specifically remove it or until it expires as described below.)” It seems that C2 is set up to NOT throw out customized billings.

3) Those are the questions I asked of the potential subscriber. I also passed along your email and the C2 help email.

I’m concerned and question that any subscriptions (new or existing) are occurring properly. No “next charge amt” and no “next charge date” is showing for my existing customers, and errors are being received by potential customers.

  1. The answer here is that: Customized monthly billing terms are not available for pay-only-if-profitable billing arrangements. (Custom billing on a per-subscriber basis is only available currently when your billing plan is $X-per-month billing.)

    That is why your custom billing plans went away, and why the option is no longer visible to you for this system: because you changed the system to a pay-only-if-profitable billing model.


Thank you for your response, that explans this issue.

One suggestion would be that you should add this information to the custom billing documentation. Currently the documentation is confusing and in my case, incorrect.

Hi Matthew,

Regarding #3… It seems the potential subscriber is still having an issue. They said they Emailed you with no response back.

Regarding the error message, they said the following The error I get is that, "You have already subscribed or something akin to that.

Looking on the subscriber management page, it shows that they are not subscribed to my system at the present time.

Please feel free to email me if you wish to resolve this off-line

Ceo Optimum wrote : “I just received a message from a potential subscriber that C2 is NOT letting him subscribe to my system OS Long Only 2”. (end of quote)

Matthew, I am having the same exact problem, a potential customer attempted to subscribe to my system but was unable to do so. Here is what he wrote : “I tried to subscribe to Forex Pro FX-2000 but was unable to get the 15 day free trial so I cancelled. I do not think it is a problem on your end but a technical problem with C2’s subscription service. I will try again later today or Monday” (end of quote).

Well he tried 3 times already without any success at all, please advise as this could quickly discourage potential Collective2 subscribers, thank you.

PS: Anybody else having the same problem?

I have had no such problem with mine and I even give a deep discount for any new customers.

Without knowing the specifics, I can’t diagnose this.

Who is this mystery subscriber? Email me his account name so I can look him up.

It may not be a problem at all. Be aware that people who already had free trials within a recent period are not offered another free trial period to the same system. This is meant to protect system developers.

But without knowing who the subscriber is, I cannot tell you if this is what’s going on. Have the subscriber contact me directly.

Thank you Matthew, I will ask this gentleman to contact you directly then.

One last question: Can I force the system to subscribe someone to another free trial, even if his trial period has already expired?


As I specified in the earlier post, the subscriber said they did email you and have not gotten a response from you. I will email you the name of the subscriber myself.