More credit card problems

I think the issue is that when I had a free system, users were not required to entered in a credit card, and so when I went to a pay system, I get a message for some users that their credit cards are bouncing.

Maybe it would be better for Collective2 to still ask users to enter in their credit card information even if the system is offered for free since the purpose of offering it for free was to give users time to evaluate a new system before asking them to pay for it.

If that is not the issue, then I got some dead beats who are similar to people that run out of a restaurant without paying.

Anyway, I have suggested that the subscribers that I have this issue with I will unsubscribe and that they can mail me a check for past usage, and once I get it, I will allow them to re-subscribe. I am also going to change to a pay per month flat rate rather than pay for performanceso that I can see if users who join actually pay before I offer trading advice.

Finanlly, I wonder since I was 1st asking payment per week, if C2 pays me per week or per month.

Anyway, these are my current issues.