Combined Systems/multiple advisors

Anybody interested to offer a multiple advisor programme, and (Matthew) would it be technical possible to do this. So the advisors/you would have to create a combined programme where the traders are able to enter their signals from different locations. The traders involved will have to decrease leverage, or the minimum account size of 100k needs to be raised, which I believe would be the best thing to do.

It’s a great way for customer to diversify among different type of advisors.

I don’t know, just thinking out loud here… Any input is welcome…



IDM Trading Advisors

I was toying with the idea of creating a ‘meta’-advisor program – a program where someone could subscribe to multiple systems and then pick and choose the best trades that he likes, along with an explanation of why, and then send out the finished product as a newsletter of newsletters (giving credit to each individual advisor, of course).

The problem I run into is: how to remunerate the individual advisors? Is giving credit enough? How to vet the meta-advisors? I mean, what’s to keep everyone from saying, "I want to be a meta-advisor, let me see all the system’s for free?"

Any ideas for how to go about this?


Hi MK,

This ‘meta’-advisor program may be feasible if systems involved are charging on a ‘per trade’ basis or on a dual ‘per trade’ and per period’ basis.

One can conduct a lottery to choose the ‘meta’ advisor, i.e., chosen at random among subscribers. Ideally, it could be yourself because you already have access to all systems which inturn implies that you would be charging for these subscriptions to the ‘meta’ advisor program and distributing charges on a ‘per trade’ basis on those trades selected by you.

For eg., if you have selected 5 trades this month and the trades charge $10/trade, then the total subscribtion cost can be $55/month, which would give you your 10% and give the system vendors their $10 for each trade for each of those subscriptions.

This is just a thought, haven’t thought about it in detail…

rgds, PA

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