How to Autotrade 1 system on multiple MB accounts?


I am setting up multiple personal accounts (Roth, Traditional IRA, Personal Trust, etc) at MB Trading specifically to allow C2 to Gen 3 Autotrade.

If I want to run the same system on multiple accounts how do I do this? All the capital is mine, but as I am sure others face I have multiple accounts per above.

Do I need to set-up multiple log in IDs and thus be double or triple charged per system? (A serious PITA and I do not think ethically the correct solution).

Is there a simple solution?

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Currently C2 does require a different trading-system subscription for each brokerage account you want to AutoTrade within. This has indeed been a source of frustration to many users, and we hope to change this someday, but it’s not imminent.

So… for now, the best thing I can note is that some system developers do agree to give very steep discounts to people who want multiple subscriptions to their system. For now you’ll need to work that out with system developer’s individually.

I wish there were an easy answer to this, but currently there is not.

Thanks Michael,

Indeed would be nice if there was a streamlined omnibus system for user with multiple accounts.

Of note, it sounds like your company is seriously growing. If you would like to raise some venture capital to help beef up staff, roll out upgrades faster and meet with all the pent up demand let me know - I know allot of VCs.


I have 3 accounts @ I.B.
Taxable trading
Traditional IRA
Roth IRA
I would like to autotrade the same system in all 3 accounts.
It sounds like that is not possible without having 2 more C2 logins?
Am I overlooking something?
If I am correct, the easiest solution that I can see ( at least for now ) would be to give these system developers free passes to add up to 2 more “identical” systems with the only difference being “the name”.
I am not opposed to paying 3 times, if they’re making me $.
C2 still gets their cut of my monthly subscription, right?
Is this possible?

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