Commissions and fees selection doesn't have an effect straight away

I noticed that equity graph and monthly return corresponds to each other only if “Typical Broker Commissions and Fees” is selected.

But I also noticed a strange thing. If I see it selected - it DOES NOT mean it is REALLY selected.
To make sure it is really selected I have to switch commissions to “TradersOnly Commissions and Fees”, refresh a page, switch back to “Typical Broker Commissions and Fees” and hit refresh once again. Now numbers correspond each other.

Here is the proof:

Let’s play together a little bit with this strategy view page (default tab called “Trade Record”).
Switch from “Typical Broker Commissions and Fees” to “TradersOnly Commissions and Fees” - notice that P/L for individual trades didn’t change. Hit refresh (F5) and look - P/L of individual trades changed and reflect TradersOnly commissions (hover any trade and see a pop-up to make sure it is so). But in commissions selection listbox we see “Typical Broker Commissions and Fees” !