Commissions, autotrading, etc

In the new system view, autotrading fees are applied regardless of the need for it. All of my systems do not require it by design. The initial system equity and the subscriber fees have been calculated accordingly. They are not alone in this, there are other systems with the same issue. I suggest moving autotrading selection to a separate checkbox, checked or not by default based on choice made by the system designer. Otherwise this grossly misrepresent the actual performance of my systems.

You should also:

1) get rid of the blue gradient, which serves no purpose whatsoever and hides the benchmark curve

2) reinstate curve with no commission curve which show if a system is sound but the publisher is way too greedy

3) keep the moving average feature, potentially very useful, but fix it as been broken for at least six months. It currently starts wrongly at initial system equity.

Erik / Mauro

Hi Erik,

Regarding your suggestion that we show system performance without autotrading fees included: I’m afraid our regulators do not agree with you. They require us to show autotrading fees on all systems, regardless of whether a person is interested in those fees or not. You other suggestions are appreciated, and I’ll be sure to keep them in mind as we continue to enhance the site.



Is there a way to have a free trial and only charge for a profitable period?

Do you mean only charge if the trial period is profitable? Then it is not a trial period.

If you mean only charge if profitable AFTER the trial, then there already is an option to do that as a system developer. I think there is a check box that lets you do this when you are determining what you will charge per period.

I meant the latter. Charge for profitable period AFTER a free trial.

When you check that box, the free trial dot disengages, so you can’t do both. Matthew, I am correct?

If you charge for “profitable” periods , then you already are providing a free trial to your subscribers , thats because they may unsubscribe at anytime before the payment date …

Is this reply in reference to Erik’s comment or mine or me? Doesn’t seem to address his concern and it’s not relevant to my inquiry.

Its a reply to your comment , if you charge for a profitable period you basically giving them a free trial , because they may unsubscribe at the 29th for example so they wont pay even if you were profitable …

True, that is a risk, and one that I’m willing to take.

But the fact is you can’t give a free trial–which is highly recommended by C2 management–and then charge only for a profitable period. That option doesn’t exist and it should as you’re giving the subscriber the best of both worlds.