Comparison table

Lots of us trying to compare many systems before subscribe a chosen one. It takes me a lot time and efforts to put data of potential systems into a comparison table and keep UPDATE the changing data.

We all have seen many retail web-sites allowing buyer to pick a few products (such as digital cameras) to compare their features side-by-side in a table before purchase. It would be nice for C2 to provide similar table allowing users to pick systems to compare…Win%, W:L ratio, # of Trades, DD, Return%, etc.

You could try 1-click searches. Pick a type of system that you are interested in for example “options”.

Then you will have a table. Finally, click the next item that you are interested in say win%, and C2 automatically rearranges the data for you,

Plus if you do this you will get to see my options system is right now in 1st place for options systems for win%.

Kind of cool, don’t you think?

Very cool :-))

This shows that indeed it would be a good idea to have more advanced search functions like "W% > 70 and #trades > 3". Or, even better, make it more convenient to download all data of these pages to Excel with one button. Then I can compute any function that I want and sort it in Excel.

Maybe he could add an export to excel function. However, its not that hard to do it manually. Highlight the entire list by dragging your mouse over the systems that you want. Then choose ctrl-c. Next in excel, choose edit paste special and choose paste as text.

You may then need to clean the data up a little before playing with it.

The advanced search function exists already.My suggestion to add it was nonsense. I should have suggested to use it :slight_smile:

The inconvenience of manual copy & paste is that you get only 20 records per time. Showing all systems on one page would solve that inconvenience too. Cleaning the data is not my problem.