List trading system type seperately

Matthew - List trading systems by type seperately, each system type would be accessed from a menu of systems - all options togather, all stocks togather, all futures togather - then have the sub-categories togather also - eg.- all daytrade (rapid) togather, all daytrade (swing) togather, etc. This will help system subscribers and potential subscribers to make better comparisons between the same type of systems when shopping for a trading system, and system vendors can more easily compare their system to other systems of the same type.

Regarding my earlier post, maybe what is necessary is to change the current sort so that, eg.- all Daytrade (rapid) are grouped togather, all Swing trade (days/trade) are grouped togather, all Swing trade (weeks trade) are grouped togather. That will make it much easier for subscribers and system vendors to compare systems in the same category.

A menu of trading systems, mentioned in my earlier post, should also be added, for the convenience that is inherent in that.

This functionality is already provided under the Advanced Search.

- Fanus

If I was a new or potential subscriber, how would I know what to search for. It’s better to scroll through a menu of trading systems.

In your earlier post you say:

Regarding my earlier post, maybe what is necessary is to change the current sort so that, eg.- all Daytrade (rapid) are grouped togather, all Swing trade (days/trade) are grouped togather, all Swing trade (weeks trade) are grouped togather.

Under advance search, there is check boxes for each category. If you want to see Daytrade systems grouped together, you click the check box next to it and then search. If you don’t know the difference between the check boxes, then seeing them on a menu is also not going to help. I don’t see how your suggestion add anything different than what is already available.

Based on your suggestion, this appears that you aren’t aware of the Advance search option?

- Fanus

Also, Ewart, did you know that - whenever you get a list of trading systems on C2 - you can click on the column heading to sort by that criteria? (And then click again to reverse the sort order.) So, in other words, if trade frequency is important to you, click on the column heading for trading speed, and all the systems will be sorted by that metric. Not sure if this was obvious or not, but just wanted to post it.


Yes, I am aware of the column sort.

I have now tried the advanced search. I check stocks and I check 1-3mths, and I hit search. No results came up.

When I do it, I find about 50 systems. Did you scroll down to see the list?

- Fanus

Maybe he is looking for day-trading systems. It is true, there isn’t any day-trading systems for stocks which are only 1-3 months old.

I previously mentioned to MK, the trading length should mean atleast 1-3 months, not only 1-3 months. He acknowledged that but as usual is the case, it is only an acknowledgment, not a commitment to rectify.

Also. the instuments selected should be such that the search would bring systems that trade all of those markets (stocks, futures, forex, options), not any of those systems.

Maybe, it is a wish that if one ignores the problem, it will go away. But, in reality, it keeps coming back, as it did in this case.

Sorry, I meant, the trading length should mean atleast 1 month, 3 month etc., not only 1-3 months.

As somebody mentioned, MK could very well be a black belt perl ninja when it comes to programming, but when it comes to seeing the other persons point of view (systems requirements analysis), expecially clients (system vendors and subscribers), it leaves very much to be desired and he is utterly unreliable when it comes to fixing problems, mainly because he just can’t see the other persons point of view.


I was wondering how long it will take before you get involve with the thread as you usually do with all other threads with your incoherent rants and theoretical essays.

You are obviously not happy with C2. Can I kindly suggest you just stop using it? Why would you keep on using something you don’t like?


- Fanus

I am happy with the concept of C2, thank you. I am just not satisfied with the inconsiderate, cold response which comes from MK for the user requests.

As for my rants and essays, you dont have to read them, please stop reading them and stop harrassing the legitimate users like Ewart.

I’m surprised you say I’m “inconsiderate” about user requests. I pride myself on the fact that this entire site is the result of many hundreds of user suggestions and requests, and that I try to act on all of those with which I agree.

Now, I don’t always agree with a particular software-design suggestion. But I’m not sure that makes me inconsiderate.

Finally, I can’t always act on every suggestion right away. My time is finite, and I have to pick and choose what I work on. The calculus of this prioritization involves the number of users affected, the “bang for the buck” of working on a particular idea, and the number of new users it might attract or retain. In other words, I act identically to every other business on the planet Earth.

In all seriousness, Pal, if you feel I have been cold to you, I am sorry to hear that. I would like to know what in particular you are talking about, so that I may see if I can improve.


Glad to know that.

I actually am greatful whenever I post/suggest something and get constructive feedback (including refutation of my statement) which enhances my own knowledge and understanding and I just wish that others would act the same.

Posted by: Fanus Sevenster

Date: 9/24/2005

When I do it, I find about 50 systems. Did you scroll down to see the list?

- Fanus

The advanved search for stocks-daytrade brings up zero results in all time frames.

Yes, I scrolled down.

Why nor scrap the search feature for finding trading sysyems, and instead do the menu suggestion below. See the menu layout below. As my post of 9/25/05 (15:33) shows, the advanced search does not work. Having a menu of systems means that one can readily see what the offerings are, all listed on one page. The menu could look like this:


1) Daytrading (rapid)

2) Daytrading (buy & hold)

3) Swing Trade (hold days)

4) Swing Trade (hold weeks)


Daytrade (rapid)

Daytrade (buy & hold)

Swing Trade (hold days)

Swing Trade (hold weeks)

“Rapid” at C2 should mean scalping, which is being in and out of a stock within a few minutes to make like .05c to .10c.

Stocks Daytrade (buy & hold), is holding a stock for several minutes to several hours, or until near the close of trading to make 1/2 -1 point, or more. That’s very different from rapid (scalping). It might also be easier to maintain the menu feature than to maintain a search engine.