New system search page

Just tried an advanced search on futures systems. The results are listed alphabetically, which doesnt seem like the most useful default setting. However, when I try to click on a column header in order to rank results by performance, what I get is a ranked results page of ALL systems, ignoring the original search criteria.

I’m sure that what I was trying to do wasnt anything out of the ordinary and would have been an obvious function to test. While this is hardly important to peoples trading, the problems encountered with the ‘new order ticket’ were very important.

Maybe more thorough testing prior to submitting ‘improvements’ would be a good idea?

Any chance of a reply to this, Matthew?

Good suggestion. I have a complete re-write of the advanced search feature on the to-do list very soon. The fact that a sort overwrites the search criteria is a known bug, and I have been meaning to fix it, but since a major overhaul of the entire search feature is coming soon, it’ll get rolled into that.

another useful thing for the list.

The track records for systems are nice, but they are difficult to manipulate for people who want to download them for numererical analysis.

From Internet Explorerm you have to copy them 25 records (a page) at a time into Excel, and the drawdown column comes up as sets of 3 painfully merged cells with an embedded graphic.

In Firefox, it doesn’t even work.

It would really be nice if the track record was maybe an embedded Excel (readonly) file, whatever.

I agree completely.

Even if you can’t do a fancy solution (embedded Excel file) just having an option to display all records at once in a format that would lend itself to an easy importing (via copy/paste, comma delimited format) would be better then what we have today.


I had written another post that didn’t catch your attention so I’ll post it here again. I would love to see one more item in the search criteria; draw downs. I believe this is a very large part of many decision makers searching for a system and right now I’m not aware of anyway to do it other than to visit each system.


In that case, why not make the entire equity curve of each system (i.e. daily profits) available for download? I guess pulling this out of the C2 database might be pretty easy. It would provide a maximum of transparency. In addition, subscribers can calculate any measures they want; "trade" the equity curve; or build a portfolio of systems and calculate profit and dd for the portfolio.

> I would love to see one more item in the search criteria; draw downs.

And some sort of risk reward ranking. Like:

Cumu $ / Worst DD


Profit Factor: Total Profit / Total Loss.


And the Realism Factor, and/ or real-life slippage and P/L per unit.

Oh my oh my - I bet Matthew is ‘really’ pleased I raised this one!

Still, an area ripe for improvement.

Well, he can’t be very surprised: Most of this has been suggested before. Perhaps I think too lightly about this, but I think that these things are easier to do than most other suggestions. The statistics are already computed, we just want them in one table.