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I see a lot of different systems in here with very different results. I’we been looking at C2 since probably around 2009? ish’ and what I found interesting is this; why are there so few systems just investing the way you are “suppose” to. Like Warren Buffet said, you don’t go and check your corn field every day. You know it’s there and you know its growing…

If, you want to make 100% a year I think you have to change your’e dreams unfortunately.

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I have been on C2 since 2009 as well. I didn’t come here looking for a Warren Buffet type of system which I interpret to mean more of a buy and hold type of strategy. I don’t get the sense most others here are looking for that either, people are looking for actively traded systems that attempt to time the market and use good money management.

I do have somewhat of a “corn field” for a good part of my portfolio and haven’t yet felt the need to have anyone help with that. I also have a smaller portion I use for more high risk/high reward trading, using either my own strategies or a few I have found on C2.



A 20-40% a year is far past what you need after some years :chart_with_upwards_trend: What is important though is to have a sound plan when things go south.


the index (sp500) has returned 3.7% cagr over the past 20 years. That’s why hedge funds will get huge customer money just for doing 5%, finance industry will shit itself over an extra 1%

Compounding long term is what’s important not making 40% in some outlier year, long term results are what matters


Seems unfair to not include dividends. If you add in low turnover/low tax and low expenses.


Like Warren Buffett said: * “It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.”

This is even more important when more people are following one strategy (less slippage in bigger companies). Like I said, it’s boring but you will at least make money…

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Oh! I would like to share a useful article from autochartist. Hopefully this is not against the rules in C2.

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Your first error is believing there is a way you are “supposed” to trade. The market is traded by many with many different approaches. There’s no one way to trade. Buffett or no Buffett.


The stock markets purpose is important to understand… its not scalping or «investing» for 1 hour or 1 week… its being part of employees work in the underlying asset, which in turn will reflect in your capital return…

Everyone isn’t trading stocks. Are you suggesting we rid ourselves of derivatives?

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If you are trading forex, make sure you keep an eye on the main trend. Interest rates (carry trade) and other fundamental changes.

Derivatives are good when hedging positions for example. It’s not created for playing roulette (casino) like many quick profit minds think. The richest man in the world is Warren Buffett because he started young, made the right decisions (in stocks) and is old today…

This is just my way of doing things and I understand we are all different…