Living on C2 money

Are any system manager here making money which is sufficient for their living.

I want to make this happen for myself by having the good system running on C2.

How hard is it?

You will make much more trading your own system if it’s any good. If it’s not, well, then you won’t. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to start with, the magic of compounding will turn a small account into a large account over time. If the system returns 100%/year, $1,000 turns into $1,000,000 in 10 years.

It is hard to make a living from trading:

* You need enough capital to start with

* you need a good system to start with

* markets tend to fluctuate, this will bring you montrhs without profits

* its (very) hard to stand these fluctuatiuons, imagine you lost 50% of your capital, will you (are you able to) continue?

Enter C2.

Its even harder to make a living from C2 subscription fees:

* there is no such thing as a strong customer relation. Subscribers come and go as they want and you can’t do anything about it.

* Market fluctuations translate into fluctuations of your equity curve. If there is a small drawdown many subscribers jump off the boat, so your monthly income fluctuates even more and there is nothing you can do about.

* If you reach some good ranking on C2 (will take years) there is always the risk that a slightly “more interesting” system appears and “steals” your subscribers - again, nothing you can do about.

So I think the best approach will be:

Have a regular work with steady and enough income.

Improve your income with trading and/or C2, consider this as a hobby with some “bonus payment - if you are lucky”. If you had several systems on C2 which generated enough (and reliable) income for some years - then - you might think about switching models.

If you can make a living on C2, you can make a killing on your trading.

No surprise, everybody want to make more money, make money faster. If people are not greedy, there will be no Warren Buffett, no Bill Gates.

Yes everybody wants to make money here.

But I am not agree with your statement that but we can’t be have billions in a night. Only thing we have to do is to have consitent track record.

Also I wanted to invest in my own strategy but as I am from Middle class family finding it very difficult to take out money from monthly salary for trading.

Let us see whether my performance first make good repo in subscribers market.

Many people think they will be next Bill Gates although most turn out to be Penny Gates. ^_^.

Never ever create more than 2 systems. As investors will have less confidence on you if you are loosing in 1 system and making money in another system. Also he will not be ready to jumpin due to this.

If a system makes 100% per year then either it has had a lucky run and will crash sooner or later, or it has had a lucky run and will stabilize to a more sustainable return; i.e. well under 100%. Either way it will take at best a very long time to start living off profits if starting with only $1,000.

Besides, most (if not all) of the good sensible systems cannot be traded with so little starting capital without either accepting closer to 10% than 100% returns or taking on too much leverage which is a surefire killer.

But the premise is right - in the long run you will make more money trading a good system than selling one on C2… if you have enough trading capital to begin with. What Rene, Hugo and Tzvetomir say is very true.


Hi Hugo ,

What is your monthly rental i.e. how much do you get monthly.