C2 Constraints settings.

I don’t understand everything so I am asking here in forum if someone could please help. Thank you.

1.No single position may take more than % of system capital.

Is there any formula how much % is used with C2 leverage?

(For example if I risk 0,5% using 10pip stop-loss this would be max. system capital used with single position)

1.1. If a position from MT4 is larger than constraint setting, will C2 open proper position size or will not open it at all?

2. Sum of all open positions may take no more than % of system capital

If there is a formula for a single position, this is sum of all open positions. Correct?

2.1. Will C2 block last position automaticlly if it would violate constraints?

2.2. Option to set max.number of all open positions would be great. (in a combination with first constraint)

3.Trades must have a stop loss capping loss at this % of system equity (C2 will create one if you don’t)

Is this for a single position? Or max.drawdown in total?

Thank you for your help.

So where we are?

Answers after testing.

Constraint setting for a single position is not working. Have opened many positions but setting of no more than x% of system capital for one position is ignored completly. Constraints starts to work with second and third option.

1. Don’t know formula yet.

1.1. C2 Constraints can adjust and open proper position size . If position violates constraints too much it won’t open it at all (note:only ‘Sum of all open positions may take no more than % of system capital’ is working at the moment)

2.Here C2 Constraints starts to work. No more than x% of system capital will be open…Very good.


2.2 Yes this option would be great also

3. Stop-loss on a single position. Very good. (Here must be careful. If you scail in sometimes positions are viewd as seperate positions and every position has its own stop-loss, so risk % can be larger. Most of the time it is viewed as a single position and stop-loss is moved closer to entry price with every new open position, still risking the same %)