Contact Collective 2

Under the "Contact Us" tab on the bottom of the C2 pagees…evertime I try to use this button and try and contact you I am told to log in again…how do i send you an e mail?


Write us at

Not sure why the contact link isn’t working for you – I am unable to replicate the problem.

i got the same problem when i wanted to set up the “affil site”…

it kept telling me “please login again” over and over…

this was with firefox 3.5.4

after that, i’ve tried IE8 and the site was looking weird (a big mess). i’ve then enabled the “compatibillity mode” and the site was working again, seting up the “affil site” included…

maybe this helps…

Hi Andreas -

Thanks for the feedback.

Can you tell us specifically what did not look correct in IE8 so we can fix it?



Hi Matt,

sure… i’ve made 2 screenshot… 1 in standard mode and 1 in compat mode…

just let me know if you need some more information…



Thanks, Andreas.

We have now fixed these display issues with IE8.

As for the issues with being asked for re-login - we have not yet seen the problem to replicate, but will keep our eyes open and fix it when we can.

-Matt Vella