Really need help

Attention all Collective2 users:

In the last few weeks, I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why the Collective2 Web site will sometimes crash. It tends to recover quickly, but it’s terribly annoying.

I need your help. If you ever experience the following symptoms, please report to me (just click the Suggestion Box link on the left menu bar, near the bottom):

Symptoms: You click a link, or press a button… and then the web site sits… and sits… and sits… And finally you give up and try to reload a page or re-try what you were doing.

Whenever this happens to you, please report it to me. I need to figure out what leads to this condition. So it will be very helpful if you report (in as much reasonable detail as possible) what it is you were trying to do, the time of day, what you last ‘clicked’ which drove the system bonkers, etc.

I know this sounds terribly unprofessional to enlist users in debugging tasks, but this error is causing me to go insane. So I need your help!



Hi, Matthew!

This in fact, just happened to me at 3:12 PM EST - 3:25 PM EST.

Collective 2 just went out all of a sudden right after a trade signal from my provider. Both ITM and the main website, and I found myself unable to access either until the end of the aformentioned time period.

Hi Matthew,

happened with me now, 6:05 p.m EST.

Best Regards, Dr.Forex

I have NOT encountered this problem and I use netscape browser version 7.1

I think you need to talk to expert server folks who understand how well cgi scripts will do in the different ones. Way you increased future fees…seems you already started to touch base.