Context is Everything

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Our trading success derives directly from our appreciation of the context in which we are operating, as we see each lower case trend within the context of the larger trend of which it is a part. This would be a good weekend to briefly review the context of our recent market calls and to view the big picture…

…It is said that every generation speculates once. This is because each generation, at some point, gets caught up in a Secular Bull Market, one that takes them to dizzying heights, only to later smash them on the rocks again and again to the point where they choose to leave the game completely - they are “cured for life”. But then along comes the next generation, and the pattern gets repeated - “like a circle in a spiral…like a wheel within a wheel…never ending or beginning…on an ever spinning wheel…”

…Currently as stated above, the HTT’s went to sell on Thursday at noon. So we remain in cash for our position account, but will begin to buy again when the HTT’s go back to buy mode. For our actively managed trading accounts, we are short and will cover and begin to go long when the HTT’s next go to buy.

…The last HTT buy occurred at 1284 SPX at 3 PM Tuesday June 5, and stayed there until the above noted ST sell at 3 PM Thursday at 1341. The current HTT sell has been in effect since 1341 SPX as noted above and is still in effect.[LINKSYSTEM_58554382]

Have a good trading week, Don