Real Results versus Reported Results

For C2: How many people on this site are actually using the auto-trade feature versus just running simulations?

For everyone else: When you’re looking at the Trade results posted and simulations; is anyone having very different results from autotrading real money? Slippage or anything else? I’ve marked 4 strategies that look very good but I’m definitely gun-shy to give it a real shot.
ie. if a strategy shows 12.5% gain in one month, are people seeing half that or less, etc?
Are people having problems with trades not going through? Maybe an open trade isn’t closed and falls heavy into a loss, etc?


Hi Mike:

You can see how many actually autotrade, and you can see their real results – trade by trade, account by account.

Click the “Show Real AutoTrade Data” button on top of the trade results, and then you can “drill down” into each trade by clicking the little computer icon next to each one.

To answer your more specific question: We’ve architected AutoTrade to work. Thanks to features like AutoSync, you won’t have a case where a trade isn’t closed, etc. We’re constantly comparing your account with the Model to ensure fidelity.

I should add, finally, that when a strategy has AutoTraders, the results we report for C2’s hypothetical fill price are the average fill prices received by real-life traders (the Volume Weighted Average Price).

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