Correct Tradestation Workspace Names


I"m a bit unclear as to the correct method of naming TradeStation Workspaces for auto-entries.

A normal, 24 hour electronically traded symbol workspace would be saved as something like


What I’m not sure about are the symbols that don’t have an “@” prefix… like Soybean Oil, Corn, etc…

Would Soybean Oil (symbol BO) have a workspace saved as c2=12345678_symbol=BOH7_type=f or does it still require the “@” symbol in the workspace name…?

I’ve emailed a couple requests for clarification but haven’t heard back, so I’m hoping this will pop up on your radar faster…


When using our TradeStation interface, the symbol you put in the TradeStation workspace name should be the exact symbol that is used by C2. Thus, you need to have a valid (and complete) C2 symbol in the workspace name.

C2 symbolology is not always consistent. Most electronic symbols use the @ as the first character, but not all. What you should do, therefore, is go to the C2 Symbology Help page (reachable through a link on the order entry screen, or here: )

and decide which symbol you want to trade, and then enter it in your workspace.

Let’s look at the specific example you mention, Soybean Oil. On the C2 symbology page, I see that the proper C2 symbol is BO (without the @).

So the TradeStation workspace should be named:


(where BOH7 is March 07 Soybean Oil)

If this doesn’t answer your question, let me know.

Thanks Matthew, that cleared up my question completely…